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BALTPLAST Ltd. Printtare™ is the producer of decorated metal packaging.

Printtare specializes in the manufacture of varnished and lithographed tinplates, stamped cans, printed lids etc., meeting all the standards applied to such products. We do it all according to our customers orders and wishes.
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Printtare™ comprises a coating and printing department as well as a stamping department. Printtare is using two Crabtree 1200 lines, a Crabtree 1200 Printing Press and a Crabtree Model F Coating Machine installed in 1992. Both lines include 34 m Wellmann ovens.
Most of our customers are fish and meat canning enterprises as well as manufacturers of outdoor candles. Printtare™ mainly produces various-sized tin cans. The outstanding printing qualities of metal enable quality packaging design and the clear marking of products. Offset colour printing enables a very high quality product. At a customer's request, we print an image or text of his choice on tin sheets.

Baltplast Ltd., Reg. 10029370, VAT: EE100430787
Ruunaoja str. 1, 11415 Tallinn, ESTONIA
Phone: +372 609 0149, Fax: +372 609 0608, E-mail: printtare@baltplast.ee